Key Issues

Preserve Georgia’s Conservative Values

As a Republican, I am dedicated to the traditions and ideals that have helped our community and our state achieve success and I will remain grounded in our shared, conservative values. I will protect pro-life legislation and secure Second Amendment rights, as well as promote policies that reduce and simplify government, rooted in fiscal responsibility.


Promote and Protect our Family Farms

My grandfather was a proud Georgia Farmer and instilled in me great respect for the value of agriculture in our community and our state. I am familiar with the challenges faced by our farmers and farm families and I will work to lift the burden of misguided regulations that stifle the success of our agricultural engine in Georgia.


Attract Quality Economic Development

The success of our local economy relies on supporting small businesses and I will serve as a partner for our business owners as we work together to revive and thrive while navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. I will actively solicit and attract desirable and beneficial economic development for our communities that secure job growth and provide long-term opportunities for successful careers here at home.


Prioritize and Improve Resources for Education

I firmly believe that our local educators should be a top priority for state government. I will work to provide the state funding and resources they need to prepare the next generation of Georigians.