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Values & Beliefs


Preserve Georgia’s Conservative Values

As a Republican, I am dedicated to the traditions and ideals that have helped our community and our state achieve success and I will remain grounded in our shared, conservative values. I will protect pro-life legislation and secure Second Amendment rights, as well as promote policies that reduce and simplify government, rooted in fiscal responsibility. 

Prioritize Public Safety

I have dedicated my career to upholding the law, and one of the main drivers for my service to this district is to keep our community safe. I will continue to support legislation that incentivizes law enforcement officers, cracks down on gangs, keeps schools and children safe, and fights human trafficking.

Attract Quality Economic Development

Our local economy thrives when we attract and support small businesses. I am proud to partner with business owners as we work together to overcome the challenges of the current economy. I will continue to actively solicit and attract desirable and beneficial economic development for our communities that secure job growth and provide long-term opportunities for successful careers here at home.

Invest in Education

Supporting our local educators remains a top priority for state government, and I am proud that we have fully funded our public schools, provided cost-of-living adjustments for our teachers, and prioritized funds to support early literacy. I will continue to champion our state’s investment in our children, empowering parents in K-12 education, fully funding the HOPE scholarship, and providing resources that prepare and equip the next generation of Georgians. 

Promote and Protect our Family Farms

Every Georgian wears and eats what our farmers grow, so the success of our family farms is vital for Georgia. My grandfather was a proud Georgia Farmer and instilled in me a great respect for the value of agriculture in our community and our state. I am familiar with the challenges faced by our farmers and farm families, and I will work to lift the burden of misguided regulations that stifle the success of our agricultural engine in Georgia. 


Integrity & Leadership

I am proud to serve this district in our State House to protect and retain the small-town values that have served us so well and provide future generations the opportunity to stay and raise their children in this loving and safe environment.

Georgia’s 123rd District represents residents in Elbert, Lincoln, and Wilkes Counties, as well as portions of Madison and Columbia Counties. Rob Leverett offers the Georgia General Assembly a unique perspective on how laws impact the day-to-day lives of people in his community, and he is dedicated to leading with conservative, common-sense representation that simplifies government and improves our quality of life.

Taking office in 2020, Rob quickly gained credibility and respect within Republican leadership as well as statewide legislative groups, earning the Legislative Award from Georgia’s County Association (ACCG) as well as being recognized by the GA Chamber as Freshman Legislator of the year in 2022. He has earned leadership in the State House as Chief Deputy Whip and serves as Chairman of the Reapportionment and Redistricting committee. He also serves as a member of the Agriculture & Consumer Affairs, Governmental Affairs, Judiciary Non-Civil and Juvenile Justice committees and as Secretary on the Judiciary committee. 

In the 2023 session, Leverett stepped up to establish a crime for any interference with public utilities, transit, emergency services, and other critical infrastructure services. HB227 was signed into law by Governor Kemp in April 2023. Rep Leverett is also addressing the growing concern about improper spreading of soil amendments and has worked with bipartisan support to introduce legislation (HB477) that enables counties to opt-in to a program that helps monitor and prevent illegal application. Leverett will continue to champion this effort to ensure a positive impact on his district and other counties across Georgia. 

Mission Statement
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